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A Light in the Darkness

Once there was an ancient and powerful civilization that was brought to ruin by an unknown cataclysm. That empire and its secrets have now been reclaimed by the primordial forces of nature and lost to the knowledge of men.

100 Generations have passed since that time and now a single Kingdom shines as a beacon of light for the land. The inhabitants of this kingdom love their king who has faithfully defended their borders and now ensures peace and prosperity for all citizens. The “Old Time” before the cataclysm is largely unknown except for a few scattered ruins in a wilderness too savage to explore.

Unbeknownst to the common folk however, this kingdom is under dire threat from secret enemies. The king’s loyal servants have been ordered to seek out brave souls who would aid the defense of the kingdom.

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Home Page

A Light in the Darkness FriarLutherDemus