A master of the arcane elements with a lighthearted way about him. A true rennaisance man, Streven is as agile as he is brilliant. His youthful appearance belies his depth of spirit and he is often underestimated. However, like all great wizards, Streven has more that one trick up his sleeve.
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Name: Streven
Primary Archetype: Young Wizard
General first impression: Immature Genius
Apparent age and health: 19, fit
Apparent Height: 6’
Body Type: Thin and dexterous
Hairstyle/Color: Short Brown
Facial/body hair: None
Eye Color: R/Green L/Blue
Ethnicity: Light skinned Human
Accent/slang: A little Cillendar scenester slang
Signature clothing: Swept back pointy Blue Wizards hat
Actor suggestions: Wil Wheaton (STNG)


Alignment: Neutral
Persona: Light on the outside, unfathomable on the inside
General disposition: Chipper
Education/ intelligence: Genius
Aspirations: the be present for the ultimate end.
Addictions: Psychedelics and Electroshock therapy
Objectives/Goals: Eternal Seeker
Favorite activity: Exploring
Wants: To invent an electric hover bike
Afraid of: cute girls
Favorite food: Sushi
Religious beliefs: Silver Flame
Common emotions: Exuberant laughter (Amadeus)
Signature mannerism or tic: adjusting his hat when nervous
Inner conflict of character: Fears too much knowledge will take the fun out of it.
Emotional stability: Well grounded
Methods of self comfort: Electroshock Therapy
Vanity: Loves to laugh at himself
Sexual experience: His face turns bright red as he spins around and walks the other way


Back story: Unknown
Birth location: Southern Valley
Extent of Travels: All over the country
Hometown: Cillendar capital
locations character would blend in: Hogwarts, Rivendell
Unique / Special abilities: That’s a secret this wizard will never tell!


Occupation and attitude toward it: Loves the life of a dark lantern
Where in chain of command: Listened to, then largely ignored
Significant relationships: Minaora Kastalina (Best Friend)


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