Laedis Fendral

Laedis portrait 100x


Name: Laedis Fendral
Primary archetype: Elven Ranger
General first impression: Silent type
Apparent age and health: Elf in his prime
Apparent Height:6’ 2"
Body Type: Lean and mean
Hairstyle/Color: dirty blonde
Facial/body hair: none
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Wood elf
Accent/slang: well articulated/educated
Signature clothing: forest camouflage cloak
Actor suggestions: an unknown


Alignment: Neutral good
Persona: Unpredictable and coy, but dependable to the end.
General disposition: Quiet and reserved
Education/ intelligence: Home schooled by his Nana “Laedis is a very smart boy. Sometimes too smart for his own good if ya know what I mean.”
Aspirations: Wholeness
Addictions: Daydreaming
Objectives / Goals:A true adventurers retirement
Favorite activity: To defend and care for all those that cared for him in his time of need, and target practice.
Wants: his very own room.
Afraid of: what he doesn’t remember.
Favorite food: Elk burgers
Religious beliefs: Earth mother knows what’s up!
Common emotions: all kinds, but that he doesn’t really show
Signature mannerism or tic: eye’s rolling in the back of his head
Inner conflict of character: Hears voices sometimes and fears he might be mad.
Emotional stability: Through years of focused training he has learned restraint. Though he does not hide his troubled youth from those who wish to ask.
Methods of self comfort: meditation
Vanity: He is filled with pride for his people.
Sexual experience: He has always been particular about his relationships. Being in the challenge of Champions has certainly helped him meet a larger variety of ladies. Though none of those that are available have truly captivated him just yet.


Back story: Found under dire and mysterious circumstances at age 9. Laedis has no memory of his life before he went to the orphanage to be cared for by his Nana.
Birth location: Unknown
Extent of Travels: All around the Cillendarian kingdom.
Hometown: Cillendar
locations character would blend in: The forest, a pub
Unique / Special abilities: Can never be caught unaware.


Occupation and attitude toward it: Baddass for the king and proud member of the team.
Where in chain of command: Low ranking specialist
Significant relationships: Laedis’ Nana the Godslayers

Laedis Fendral

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