Gerkin Stonefist

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Name: Gerkin Stonefist
Primary archetype: Dwarf Fighter
General first impression: Yep a dwarf Fighter alright
Apparent Height: 4’ 7"
Signature weapon: Dwarven Greatsword (Broad sword)


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Persona: Yep I’ve got an 18/92 strength!
General disposition: Abrasive
Education/ intelligence: Well versed in the arts of Dwarven drinking, fighting and womanizing.
Aspirations: To drink, fight and womanize
Addictions: D,F,W
Objectives / Goals: D,F,W
Favorite activity: DF&W simultaneously
Wants: D,F,W
Afraid of: Spiders
Favorite food: Meat
Religious beliefs: Odinist
Common emotions: Aggression
Signature mannerism or tic: Smashing things
Inner conflict of character: Inner conflict? What a gay elf thing to say!
Emotional stability: It’s always solid as a rock lass.
Methods of self comfort: That’s none of your DAMN business!
Vanity: With my kind of strength I don’t need to be vain!
Sexual experience: Almost as much as drinking and fighting.


Back story:
Birth location:
Extent of Travels:
locations character would blend in: Dungeon, pub, brothel
Unique / Special abilities: Can drink his weight in ale in 2 hours without losing consciousness.


Occupation and attitude toward it: I Love killing things.
Where in chain of command: The front line
Significant relationships:

Gerkin Stonefist

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